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Making our listeners' world sound better

The leading commercial radio broadcaster in Europe

As passionate experts in the power of sound, our audio teams create outstanding products and services, offering commercial value for advertisers. The Group is home to many world-class and distinctive radio and audio brands. These include Mix Megapol (Sweden), Radio Norge (Norway), RMF (Poland), Radio Expres (Slovakia), The Voice (Denmark), Radio Comercial (Portugal), Radio Nova (Finland), Today FM (Ireland) as well as KISS, Magic, Absolute Radio, Scala Radio, Hits Radio Brand Network (all UK), and many more.

Vivian Mohr

President Bauer Media Audio

"There has never been a better time to be working in audio, as technology continues to offer new ways to delight our audiences with compelling content and experiences and for us to provide even more valuable products to our commercial partners."

Facts and Figures

  • Bauer Media Audio operates over 150 brands
  • Nine countries spanning the UK, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Portugal
  • Market leader in seven of our nine countries

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