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Ensuring the sustainability of our planet and the well-being of its people is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today

Yvonne Bauer

Owner and CEO

ggpoker bonus code "As a global media business, reaching millions of people we have a responsibility to make our own business more sustainable as well as find ways to encourage more sustainable behaviours among our readers and listeners."

Taking action on these important topics isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also an important part of ensuring our business is healthy and fit for the future. A business that takes its responsibility ggpoker review seriously, that’s attractive for current and future employees and a trusted partner to work with.

Our actions so far

We currently have over 100 sustainability initiatives and projects running across our brands and businesses. We’re proud of the cross-industry change we’ve effected through our content, platforms, and services, but we know there’s much more to be done. That is why we have introduced Bauer’s first company-wide Sustainability GGPoker strategy, which aligns our approach across the whole business giving much greater impact and a louder voice.

Our Sustainability plan: Introducing Our Better World Playbook

In response to our need for a clear company-wide sustainability strategy, we’ve launched Our Better World Playbook. It shows how we plan to care for our planet, empower our people and support our communities.

Download translated versions of the Playbook: GER | PL | FR | FIN | SVK | POR

Watch Our Better World Playbook video

GGPoker Our Planet, Our People, Our Communities

At the core of our plan are our three pillars: GGPoker app download , ggpoker bonus and ggpoker review|Most which represent three areas where Bauer Media has significant impact and opportunity. Each of our pillars has three themes and each theme has time-bound targets to give us greater focus on our goals and commitments. Together we can transform our business and ignite positive change for our planet, our people and our communities.

ggpoker review Measuring success

Tracking our sustainability performance is key to achieving our sustainability goals. We completed our first materiality assessment in 2022 and from 2026 we will publish an annual sustainability report showing progress across all the key metrics.

Contact information

For more information about Sustainability at Bauer Media please contact us at: group.communications[at|