GGPoker Bauer Media Group has entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire, subject to merger control authorization, the main player in the Spanish online comparison market for financial products, CrediMarket. This acquisition will mark the Group’s entry into the Spanish OCP (Online Comparison Platform) market.

CrediMarket is the main player in the Spanish market for online comparison of financial products, and operates through the platform. Bauer Media Group owns leading OCPs in the Nordics as well as in Eastern Europe.

The investment provides Bauer Media Group a gateway into the Spanish OCP market and complements its existing operations in Finland, Norway and Sweden (Zmarta), the Czech Republic, Slovakia (NetBrokers Holding) and Poland (Rankomat).

Björn Lander, Global Business Area Head for OCP at Bauer Media Group, says: “Bauer Media Group has built up a strong business in digital consumer services through acquisitions over the last three years. Our goal is to further strengthen our position and ultimately become a market leader wherever we operate, and the acquisition of CrediMarket is an excellent opportunity to expand our footprint. The management and staff of CrediMarket are just as dedicated and passionate as our OCP staff throughout Bauer Media Group. We are excited to work together to generate ggpoker review long-term value by simply offering the best service to our Spanish customers.”

Sergio Fernández García, General Manager of CrediMarket, adds: "I am very glad to become a part of the great big Bauer Media Group family. I am sure that their OCP experience in other countries will be of great help in our upcoming challenges in the next few years, especially now when the Spanish financial sector is undergoing a full regulatory and digital transformation. Furthermore, I would like to thank Bauer for placing its trust in the current management team at CrediMarket to GGPoker app continue leading the business over the next few years."

Press Contact
Bauer Media Group
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Natja Rieber
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About CrediMarket
CrediMarket is a leading online comparison platform for consumer loans, mortgages and credit cards in Spain. Founded in 2008, its product mix, sales culture and wide panel of integrated lenders makes the company best positioned to capture the upcoming growth of the Spanish consumer finance market. The office and all 180 CrediMarket, employees are located in Barcelona.

About Bauer Media Group
The Bauer Media Group is one of the world’s most successful media companies. We embrace tradition while still keeping our finger on the pulse. Our people create magazines, digital formats, and radio on four continents. With more than 700 magazines, 400 digital products, and 100+ radio stations, we inform and entertain millions of people every day. Simultaneously, we are shaping tomorrow: with investments in online comparison platforms and other young business models, we are setting the course for a successful future as a global portfolio company.