Bauer Media Group acquires Camilyo to expand their SME digital proposition

GGPoker app download Bauer Media Group is excited to announce the acquisition of Camilyo Online Ltd, an innovative and fast-growing provider of a digital business empowerment platform for SMEs. Tel Aviv-based Camilyo will join Bauer Media Group’s international multi-business media and online services portfolio, which spans Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. The deal closed on Wednesday, July 31st.

The acquisition of Camilyo will complement both Bauer Media’s existing SEO-business and, recently acquired, Mono Solutions. The companies share an ambition to help small and medium sized businesses to thrive in a growingly competitive environment by providing them with accessible, fully integrated, digital business empowerment solutions. By joining forces as part of Bauer’ggpoker review s newly formed SME Marketing Services division, they will be able to accelerate the delivery of this vision at scale whilst continuing to operate and grow independently.

Camilyo will retain its own branding, management and team structure post-acquisition. Using its innovative DNA and agility to support the new division’s vision and goals.

Bauer Media Group’s COO Veit Dengler comments, “Camilyo is a truly innovative business founded on a passion to enable small and medium business clients to compete more effectively in an ggpoker bonus code increasingly digital world. We look forward to working with the Camilyo team to build an SME services division to cater to this rapidly growing market at scale.”

Camilyo CEO Gil Ilani comments, “This is an exciting day for our company. Joining forces with Bauer, Sunrise and Mono Solutions will create a new force in the SME market, unlocking new opportunities for our partners, for the SMEs they serve and for our people. Joining the Bauer family will allow us to accelerate product development and bring our vision to the market far more effectively ggpoker review by tapping into an extensive global network and additional resources.”

Mono CEO Louise Lachmann comments, ““Bauer continues to bring together a powerful combination of talent and technology for their new SME business segment. With the addition of Camilyo we look forward to finding more ways to be successful and grow together as the industry evolves.”

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